Paul Janowski is back

With the Open Architecture™ Guitars and a series of short scale basses you have to play to believe.

Built to a higher standard

From our more manageable short scale-basses that have a surprisingly firm low B string, to our award-winning Open Architecture™ Guitars, you will find the sound of each instrument is exquisite and the feel and weight of the guitar is a joy to work with. Thousands of hours of development and decades of experience go into Master Craftsman Guitars. We are with you every step of the way.



Integrity of full string path is maintained throughout all instruments, with resonance intensified by strategically cored parts.


Thousands of hours of development set us apart, while our build, fine materials, and custom hardware prove our obsession to detail.


Fearlessly cutting-edge and unconventional, we bring quality of materials, craftsmanship, and design together with usability in mind.


Our instruments balance securely with you, whether you’re sitting or standing, so you can focus on the music.


Being light-weight is a crucial feature in our instruments, and we design for this because of the difference it makes in how you play.


Each instrument is carefully built for the inherent beauty of its own design through material selection and lustrous finishes.

US Made

Famed for beauty and sound, these home-grown proprietary designs are recipients of international recognition, acclaim, and awards.


Designed and built correctly from the start by Master Luthier Paul Janowski, your instrument will last your lifetime and beyond.

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